Hi! I'm Jackie!

I have been on a personal wellness journey of mind, body, and spirit for well, all my life really, but I wasn't conscious of it and actively open to this amazing part of life until about 2010.

My path has had many ups and down like most of ours, and it was in the darkness that I found my strength and the light. I was suffering from health issues, and told nothing was wrong by doctors, which causes me even more suffering and mental distress for feeling unheard and unseen. I also had a huge falling out with my group of friends, wasn't sure when I was going in life, or what I wanted from life. I was just struggling and lost.

After the death of A loved one, meeting some new friends, and quite literally asking the universe to show me signs, and spending time in nature, things started to align for me, a new sense of hope was restored, and my life was opened to the infinite possibilities of this amazing world we live in.

We go first, the universe follows.

We get signs all the time, but are we ready, are we paying attention?

I have learned many tools over the years to help with natural healing, self- empowerment, intuition, manifestation, and spirituality, and I am delighted to share them with YOU!

My mission is to help others find their way back home to themselves, and to feel better in their bodies. We all effect one another, the more conscious, thriving people there are, the more we will make a beautiful, much needed difference on this planet!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow along on social media or book a session with me if you desire to do so!

Im so excited for you, me, US, and the world! This life is yours to live fully and truly!

With Love,

Jackie Glows

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